Women USB Powered Heating Vest

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This is the women version of the heated vest.

Sleeveless heated vest, powered by any powerbank (not included). Have a personal heater on you as you go!

With this vest, you can adjust the tempreture so no matter how cold outside is, you will be toasty warm. Depending on your powerbank's capacity, you can use this vest for many hours before the battery runs out and you would need  a re-charge. Or if you are going away for a long camping, you can take multiple powerbanks with you and easily change it if necessary. Just plug the powerbank with the USB connector and you are good to go.

This vest is designed to withstand the most extreme conditions and can be used during skiing, hiking, fishing, camping, cycling and any other adventure.

Just press the button for the tempreture you want and within 1 minute feel the coziness! 

There are three options:

1- Warm (45℃) - red light

2- Comfort (35℃) - white light

3- Energy Saving (25℃) - blue light

How To Use:

1.Take out the USB plug

2.Plug in the removable charger (powerbank - 5V/2A)

3.Switch on the removable charger

4.Press the chest temperature control switch for two seconds

5. Red light will start flashing, meaning automatic heating is activated. This will heat the vest under 1 minute.

6. After red light flashes for 5 minutes, the light will automatically turn to white, meaning medium temperature is activated.

7.From this point you can manually adjust your desired temperature.

8.Press the chest temperature control switch for two seconds to turn the heating off.

After an intense outdoor session, you want to wash your vest? No problem! This vest is washing machine safe or it can be handwashed. However after washing just let it air dry (do not wring).

Washing Instructions:

1- take out the powerbank.

2- wash your vest (with hand or washing machine on 30℃)

3- let it air dry (do not wring).

To avoid damages to your vest, if you are not using it for an extended period of time, remove the powerbank from the USB connector.

IMPORTANT: Since the sizes are Asian, we suggest to order two sizes larger than your usual size. Here below a bit more detail of sizing. (also take a look at the size chart in the pictures).

Size(approx): M, L, XL, XL, XXL, XXXL (cm/in)
Size            Length                   Bust                 Shoulder
M              60/23.62              94/37.01             39/15.35
L               62/24.41              98/35.58             40/15.75
XL             64/25.20             102/40.16            41/16.14
XXL           66/25.98             106/41.73            42.5/16.73
XXXL         68/26.77             110/43.31            43.5/17.13