Pedicure Volcanic Rubbing Stones (1pc)

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What is it?

Pedicure volcanic rubbing stones are made from solidified volcanic magma. The health effects of these magical stones have been known since more than 2000 years ago in ancient Persian medicine. When magma (underground volcanic lava) is chilled very quickly, gas bubbles form inside it, making a foamy stone structure that is much lighter in weight than the normal volcanic stones (since a very high percentage of the stone is made of air bubbles).

There are different kinds of magma, however the one type that has been used since the ancient times for pedicure purposes is basaltic magma. Basaltic magma is very high in minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium and silicone dioxide. These minerals are what you will also find in natural volcanic hot springs. You can usually identify basaltic magma from the rest by its dark/blackish colour. Due to its high minerals content, basaltic magma has the highest temperature among the rest (between 1000oC to 1300oC) and the lowest viscosity.

How to use the volcanic rubbing stones?

The stone has a rough surface


What are the health benefits of volcanic pedicure / rubbing stones?

1-     Improving the skin strength and elasticity. The silicon dioxide helps optimal synthesis of collagen and activates the hydroxylation enzymes on the skin which is important for the formation of collagen network.

2-     Removing dead skin cells. The bubbly structure of the volcanic stone and its absorbency properties help remove the dead skin cells from your skin and provokes your body to create new healthy skin cells. This is what makes your skin soft and silky!

3-      Opening of blocked skin pores and getting rid of those nasty blackheads! After your dead skin cells have been removed (what cause the blockage of the skin pores), the minerals in the basaltic stones (largely iron, magnesium and calcium) penetrate your skin and give it its healthy dose of these vital minerals.

4-     Improved skin tone and colour. With regular massage of these volcanic stones on your skin, your under-skin blood circulation will improve. This helps your body optimally supply nutrients to your skin which in turn helps your skin tone and colour improve significantly and give it shiny finish.

5-     If you are regularly experiencing cracks in your skin (usually happens under the feet and is due to dry skin), this home remedy is the only thing you need: just wash your feet with warm water (not hot nor cold) and soap and let your feet soak in the bath or a pedicure tub for 10-15 minutes. Then gently rub the cracked skin with these volcanic rubbing stones. You will see the result instantly but do this regularly to avoid new cracks in your skin.

6-     Removing of stretch marks from your skin. Whether you have stretch marks due to losing weight or pregnancy, regular massage of the skin with the volcanic stones will remove them naturally. Just ensure your skin is wet and rub the stones on it without applying much pressure. The rough surface of the stone will promote blood circulation and creation of new skin cells to fade your stretch marks.


Usage instructions:

The best and most common way of using pedicure volcanic stones are to use them on wet skin. For example whether you are bathing or taking a shower, after washing yourself as usual, take the pedicure stone and rub it softly on the bottom of your feet. Do this without applying much pressure, just use minimum force and a swift movement rubbing the entire surface. Then wash your skin with water and you are done!

Size: 8*5.5*2.5cm

Customer Reviews

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love it!

amazing how simple it is and how good it feels on my skin. This is why we see a trend of going back to the "old ways".

already happy feet!

I just received mine and used it only once but can already feel my heels getting softer. thanks!